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Emilee grew up in Southern California, and moved to Santa Cruz, CA to pursue a degree in History of Art and Visual Culture from UCSC. While attending university, her love for the visual arts grew and expanded to encompass graphic design, digital illustration and typography.

Post graduation, Emilee moved to Austin, TX where she worked as an illustrator, maker educator, and museum professional. As a self-taught maker and avid D.I.Y. enthusiast, Emilee co-founded Personal Space in 2016, which aims to bring unique and personalized making-intensive workshops into the community.

Now pursuing a Master's in Arts Administration from New York University, Emilee resides in Queens, NYC where she has taken an avid interest in learning about active museum engagement and visitor participation. 

Emilee loves ghosts, flowers, and telling stories. To contact Emilee about commissions, email: emilee.grav@gmail.com


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