Curatorial projects


POND (February 22, 2019- March 12, 2019)

34 Stuyvesant Street, NYC


Featuring active and vivacious sculptural and installation-based works, POND showcases seven multidisciplinary artists from NYU Steinhardt’s MFA program. In addition to a gallery, Barney Commons is a communal space, a watering hole for students, artists, and staff.

POND seeks to subvert traditional installation practices and plays with the nuances of space and architecture, inviting site-specific installations that highlight the temporality and transient nature of a liminal space. This exhibition is visible from multiple vantage points, angles, and levels. We welcome you back through out the duration of the show to experience the evolution of the constructed ecosystem.

Co-curated by MA Candidates in Visual Arts Administration, Constanza Valenzuela and Emilee Graverson.


RE-FORMATION (December 2, 2017- February 17, 2018)

Broadway & E. 10th Street

Co-curated as a member of other content NYU’s curatorial collective

Re-Formation examines the intersection between the ideologies of SITE Architecture (Sculpture in the Environment) and the intentions of other content as an introduction to the newly formed collective. other content grew from the Curatorial Collective’s 2017 Masterclass “Exhibition Design and Curatorial Practices” taught by Giles Round, parallel to the evolution of SITE, an architecture group founded from a NYU class taught by James Wines in 1970.

Re-Formation compares the origin of SITE with the origin of this new collective. Both groups emerged from NYU taught classes with goals centered around innovative practice. Drawing inspiration from an ‘Environmental Design Seminar” taught by James Wines in 1969, SITE questions underlying assumptions about architecture and daily life through site-specific projects that engage with their environment. Similarly, other content investigates what it means to curate the foundation, formation, and reformation of a collective through the practices of curation.

Referencing a group portrait used to present the members of SITE in 1970, other content spatially explores and complicates a similar format for their debut. The image used to announce the formation of SITE included former NYU students. The photograph was taken around the same time as SITE’s Madison Avenue Project, in which they worked to forge a new relationship between the neglected ‘low horizon’ section of a high-rise building and its surrounding street activity.  other content’s group portrait features the current student members of the NYU collective in Re-Formation, a project that works to establish new relationships between the Broadway Windows and the streets around it.